Learn what Solana APIs are available via DataHub and how to use them

Time to play

Solana exposes a single JSON RPC to enable the development of applications on the Solana protocol.

Learn about the APIs available via Solana DataHub below -

As part of DataHubโ€™s continuous improvement, we are making some changes to the Solana endpoints which may affect your activity. Figment has decided to deprecate the following Solana Devnet and Mainnet endpoints. To improve performance we recommend updating to use the new endpoints as soon as possible

โŒ Old Endpoints The deprecation is expected to occur on May 31st, 2022, after which the following Solana services will be removed and no longer accessible using DataHub.

โœ… New Endpoints To improve performance and to simplify your DataHub experience, please only use the following Solana endpoints. Devnet


Solana RPC/WS

You can review the official Solana RPC documentation HERE

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