Staking API

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Quick description

DataHubโ€™s Staking Indexer allows developers to query and expose all data related to staking. Users can query all validator data such as the active validator set, a specificโ€™s validator performance or events, and its delegations. Developers can also query staking rewards by account and filter them by date range and originating validator. This means customers of all sizes, from small app developers to exchanges and custodians can safely implement staking-facing products for their users.

The Staking Indexer cuts significant indexing and development time as well as maintenance resources so you can offer a complete staking experience in no time!


Industry-leading performance, scalability, and availability

Query staking data in an instant, without upfront investments or extra development time. The Staking Indexer is designed for 99.9% uptime and robust data durability so staking data is always available when you need it.

Unmatched staking insights

Staking data should have no secrets to stakers and DApp developers. Query validator data by active set, active delegations, recent events, and past performance. Query staking rewards by account, date range, and originating validator. The Staking Indexer is meant to demystify staking for everyday users and help developers create amazing Web 3-native experiences.

Use cases

Robust rewards reporting

Staking generates interesting returns for token holders but without reporting, it can quickly become an accounting nightmare, especially as every protocol deals with staking rewards differently. The Staking Indexer allows you to provide a full history of staking rewards per account to your users so they can always stay on top of their earnings.

Powerful block explorers

Web 3 protocols are in great majority built on Proof-of-Stake protocols so a Web 3 block explorer without any staking data is a bit like a 3-legged stool with 2 legs. The Staking Indexer allows you to query any data related to validators and their delegators so you can provide a complete overview of on-chain events to your users.

Transparent staking experience

Many token holders are eager to start staking via their favorite wallet or exchange but without visibility into the performance of the available validators, it becomes an impossible task to make the jump. The Staking Indexer allows you to present all the details token holders need to confidently stake their tokens via your platform or to your validator.

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