Transaction Search API

Learn what Figment's Transaction Search API can do for you


DataHubโ€™s transaction search API allows developers to query blockchain data like never before. Users can filter transactions by account, transaction type, memo field, smart contract address, and date range, providing full flexibility akeen to Web 2 data processing. Developers can also query a wide selection of protocol events like upcoming blocks and transactions, which can then be filtered by block height, action, and more. This means customers of all sizes, from small app developers to exchanges and custodians can use it to provide their users with transaction history, and create special triggers based on incoming and outgoing transactions.

Transaction Search cuts significant indexing and development time as well as maintenance resources so you can build the next generation of Web 3 applications in no time!


Industry-leading performance, scalability, and availability

Query historical transactions and future events in an instant, without upfront investments or extra development time. Transaction Search is designed for 99.9% uptime and robust data durability so transactions and events are always available when you need them, even when the protocol suffers from high latency.

Unmatched search flexibility

Search transactions and protocol events any way you want, if it has happened, itโ€™s been indexed. Filter transactions by hash, block hash, block height, sender or receiver account name, date range, and memo field. Filter protocol events by block height, action and type. Automatically port from 1 protocol version to the next without any extra work. Transaction Search is designed with developersโ€™ needs in mind.

Standardized development across protocols

Whether you are on Celo, Polkadot, Terra, or any of our supported protocols, search transactions exactly the same way so you donโ€™t have to write additional code. It offers a one-time API integration, giving you access to multiple protocols within the same interface. Transaction Search is a JSON API that is easy to manipulate and integrate in your DApp.

Use cases

User transaction history

With Transaction Search, DApp developers can provide a filterable list of their past transactions to users so that they can keep track of incoming and outgoing transactions, complete accounting audits, or even gain rewards based on their activity.

Transaction triggers

With Transaction Search, DApp developers can create triggers based on incoming and outgoing transactions so they can update their database and user-facing data automatically.

User notifications

With Transaction Search, DApp developers can notify their users about past events like balance changes, transactions processed, and more so users are kept informed and are incentivized to return to the app.

Transaction Search API returns much more information about the entire network activity on the event level. You can search for governance information, slashings, delegation data, and other events happening in the network.

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