Get Started With DataHub

Quickstart user guide for DataHub

1. Creating an Account

Step 1: Users are able to sign up on DataHub. When completed, you will receive an invite link such as$NumbersAndLetters to verify your email address.
Step 2: Click on this link and you will be redirected to the DataHub dashboard.

2. User Dashboard

Step 1: Once you have logged in to DataHub, you will need to create a new app and select the protocol.
Step 2: Now, type in the name of your App, select the environment - Production or Staging to differentiate between your apps’ state and select the protocol.
Step 3: After creating the app, you will get access to the API key under the “App Overview”, where you can view, copy, create and delete your API keys.
Step 4: Clicking on the “Protocols”, you will be able to see all the services that you are currently subscribed to, and on the same page you can manage your protocol plan. For ref. in the screenshot below, you can see Solana Mainnet and Devnet RPC.
Step 5: You can click on the “See Docs” button to get more info regarding the integration.
Step 6: You can click on the “ANALYTICS” button on the dashboard to get access to your request logs. Read more about the DataHub analytics HERE​
Step 7: To invite your team members and collaborate with them on the project, click on the “TEAM” button on the dashboard. Read more about App team roles and permissions HERE​
Step 8: To manage the payment method, protocols, check invoices and delete apps, etc. click on “SETTINGS” on the dashboard.

3. Accessing a Network

In this example, we’ll access the Solana Devnet -
Step 1: When clicking on the “See Docs” button, you will be provided with the URL for this service.
Step 2: Depending on your setup, there are two ways to use your API key. You can specify your API key with the Authorization header. Here is an example curl:
curl -H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY"
Or you can specify your API key as a prefix to the path like, /apikey/YOUR_API_KEY/the_path. If choosing this option, the full path for curl would look like this:
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