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DataHub Products

Breaking down the DataHub Product Suite

The DataHub Stack

DataHub lets developers use the most powerful and unique features of a blockchain without having to become protocol experts.

With DataHub, developers now have access to Web 3 protocols through our enterprise-grade infrastructure. We make sure they can focus on what they do best: develop amazing products.
We provide reliable access to the RPC and REST APIs of our supported protocols for both the latest mainnets and testnets so our users can test and implement their products safely.
We are also launching Enriched APIs to complement the available RPC and REST APIs to view and manipulate Web 3 data in new advanced ways so you can build the next Web 3's killer apps!
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DataHub infrastructure

Network RPC & REST APIs

DataHub supports each network's common APIs so you can focus on building while benefiting from the same endpoints and methods available at the node level. There are no lock-ins, simply benefit from high scalability while we take care of maintaining the level of service necessary for your product to thrive.

Enriched APIs

The common network APIs should only be the beginning of the journey for Web 3 developers. Figment is developing Enriched APIs to help developers unlock the unique features and attributes of Web 3 protocols. Our suite of Enriched APIs allows developers to create powerful applications at a fraction of the cost, with the potential to capitalize on blockchain-native use cases.
Enriched APIs complement the common APIs to give its users superpowers in order to create the Web 3's killer apps. We currently offer Transaction Search to query transaction and protocol events in advanced ways, and our Staking API to query all staking-related & rewards data.