๐Ÿ’ปWhat is DataHub?

Introduction to DataHub, the Web3 Gateway

๐Ÿ‘“ DataHub Overview

DataHub lets developers use the most powerful and unique features of a blockchain without having to become protocol experts.

With DataHub, developers now have access to Web 3 protocols through our enterprise-grade infrastructure. We make sure they can focus on what they do best: develop amazing products.

We provide reliable access to the RPC and REST APIs of our supported protocols for both the latest mainnets and testnets so our users can test and implement their product safely.

We are also launching Enriched APIs to complement the available RPC and REST APIs to view and manipulate Web 3 data in new advanced ways so you can build the next Web 3's killer apps!

๐ŸŽŠ What DataHub offers

  • Reliable access to network APIs

  • Ability to submit on-chain transactions

  • Easy integration

  • High-quality support

  • Low maintenance

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure

๐ŸŽ DataHub benefits the core stakeholders of Web 3 protocols



DApp Developers

Remove the complexities of building on Web 3 protocols, while ensuring reliability for your users

Data Providers

Focus on analysis, packaging, and processing of data without having to worry about access to the data source


Guarantee to your users that you are always connected to the token networks you support

Exchanges & Custodians

Focus on building strong feature sets while staying connected to the Web 3 ecosystem

Block Explorers

Guarantee that your explorer is reliable at all times for your users that depend on it

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