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Learn about DataHub's Enriched APIs for Cosmos


The common network APIs should only be the beginning of the journey for Web 3 developers. Figment is developing Enriched APIs to help developers unlock the unique features and attributes of Web 3 protocols. Our suite of Enriched APIs allows developers to create powerful applications at a fraction of the cost, with the potential to capitalize on blockchain-native use cases.

Enriched APIs complement the common APIs to give its users superpowers in order to create the Web 3's killer apps.

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Check out the list of available Enriched APIs on Cosmos below.

The first Enriched API available on Cosmos DataHub is the Transaction Search API. It allows users to filter and query by account, transaction type, and date range. Users can also search by memo field and logs. Developers can now manipulate transaction data the way they want to instead of the way the blockchain intended them to. Transaction Search cuts significant indexing and development time as well as maintenance resources.

The Transaction Search API documentation for Cosmos can be found below.

Transaction Search

Rewards API

Detailed rewards reports are also available via the Rewards API available on Cosmos DataHub. It allows users generate daily rewards earned for an account for a given period of time.

The Rewards API documentation for Cosmos can be found below.

Rewards API

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