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Blockchain Fundamentals

A full set of recorded lectures from Blockchain at Berkeley's Blockchain Fundamentals course

Back to Basics

It's critical to understand the underlying structure and function of blockchain technology before one begins to develop for it.
Whether you're here from a more traditional software background, are starting completely from scratch, or simply want to refresh your knowledge of the basics, Blockchain at Berkeley is glad to offer the lectures and slides from our Blockchain Fundamentals course!
We focus mainly on Bitcoin as a motivational example for blockchain technologies at large. A full playlist of the course can be found here.

Lecture 1: Bitcoin Protocol & Consensus

Bitcoin Protocol & Consensus: A High-Level Overview. Presented by Liam DiGregorio and Andrew Kirillov.

Lecture 2: Bitcoin to Blockchain History

Bitcoin to Blockchain History: From Cypherpunks to JP Morgan Chase. Presented by Darya Kaviani and Erika Badalyan.

Lecture 3: Bitcoin Mechanics & Optimizations

Bitcoin Mechanics & Optimizations: A Technical Overview. Presented by Sishir Giri and Haena Lee.

Lecture 4: Interacting with Bitcoin

Interacting with Bitcoin: Wallets, Mining, & More. Presented by Sehyun Chung and Diego Uribe.

Lecture 5: Bitcoin in the Wild

Bitcoin in the Wild: Game Theory & Attacks. Presented by Andrew Kirillov and Erika Badalyan.

Lecture 6: Trust Without Trust

Trust Without Trust: Distributed Systems & Consensus. Presented by Simon Guo and Ayush Aggarwal.

Lecture 7: Ethereum & Smart Contracts

Ethereum & Smart Contracts: Enabling a Decentralized Future. Presented by Janice Ng and Saneel Sreeni.

Lecture 8: Cryptocurrencies for the Masses

Cryptocurrencies for the Masses: Scaling Blockchain. Presented by Sehyun Chung and Alpin Yukseloglu.

Lecture 9: Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Presented by Nishan D'Souza and Ratan Kaliani.

Lecture 10: A Blockchain Powered Future

A Blockchain Powered Future. Presented by Janice Ng, Sehyun Chung, Andrew Kirillov, and Erika Badalyan.