Cosmos SDK


Quicksilver is a protocol in the Cosmos ecosystem that provides interchain liquid staking modules through a permissionless and sovereign blockchain. The network leverages the interchain communication provided by the IBC protocol to seamlessly onboard new zones, accounting for naturally enhanced security, decentralization as a core value and limitless scalability by design.

Staking Guide

Coming soon!
Please reach out to [email protected] if you plan to stake more than 1 Million USD in QCK tokens.

Ecosystem Overview

Quicksilver aims to maximize liquidity while simultaneously contributing to the network's security and decentralization, implementing liquid staking modules across the Cosmos ecosystem and possibly other chains.
Quicksilver provides users better capital management by enabling them to liquid stake their assets through the protocol, and thus contributing to the network's stability and decentralization while still being able to transfer, trade and overall utilize their staked tokens in any other way that might bring them returns. As such, Quicksilver will also contribute to the DeFi landscape by allowing users to interact with them in previously blocked ways.
Quicksilver FAQs
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