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Nym aims to be a full-stack privacy protocol allowing any application, service or blockchain to defend its network traffic against sophisticated surveillance systems. As a decentralized, open source, permissionless and incentivized system, Nym allows developers building applications of all types, including communication and payment applications, to offer users strong protection against metadata surveillance.
Please reach out to [email protected] if you plan to stake more than 1 Million USD in NYM tokens.

Ecosystem Overview

The mixnet is the core of Nym’s technology. The mixnet consists of nodes whose purpose is to scramble (mix) and relay identically-formatted encrypted data packets. After the packets have been mixed multiple times, they are sent to the final recipient of the original message. This process makes it almost impossible to track who is speaking to who and how often. It is one of the only privacy systems that truly protects against traffic analysis.
Nym provides its developers and users full-stack privacy. This allows other applications, services or blockchains to provide their users with robust metadata security. Developers are given the tools to enable Nym’s security technology at both the network level (mixnet), and the application level (anonymous credentials). CosmWasm based smart contracts will also be supported in the Nym system - namely the Nyx blockchain. As an IBC enabled protocol, Nym will be able to communicate with over 35 different blockchains, right at launch.