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Crescent is a DeFi Hub that engages users on a journey to explore limitless possibilities of digital assets by unifying various blockchains in ways unseen in the Cosmos Ecosystem. It aims to enhance capital efficiency, maximize potential financial returns and manage risk effectively.
Crescent can be synthesized as a decentralized, mutually governed DeFi Hub that will be owned by CRE (Crescent’s native token) holders. The ultimate goal of Crescent Network is to provide a marketplace for multi-chain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentives and to help users effectively manage risk by providing secure cross-chain collateralization protocol.

Staking Information

Total Supply
1 Billion
Reward Distribution Period (Payout Frequency)
Every epoch (24 hours)
Unbonding Period
14 days
Slashing Penalty
Recommended Wallet

Staking Guide

Please reach out to [email protected] if you plan to stake more than 1 Million USD in CRE tokens.

Ecosystem Overview

The Crescent Dex allows anyone to create a pair of two coins, also known as an ordered pair. Only a single pair of a given ordered pair is allowed to exist. This ensures price consistency and robust measurability of on chain-ordered pairs. The ultimate goal for the Crescent DEX is to maximize capital efficiency through hybrid automated market maker (AMM) techniques and to focus its efforts on prioritizing security. Did we mention there are no trading fees? Crescent DEX makes it a mission to avoid trading fees unless a justified cause is presented.
Crescent Boost provides Crescent Dex liquidity providers with ways to hedge and leverage their positions to enable investors to tailor their return-risk profile and amplify farming rewards. Boost can be seen as a fusion of lending, hedging, and leveraging to generate the optimal return for the users. The long-term goal for Boost is to be a core function of Crescent, therefore the protocol will focus the highest portion of incentives allotted to Boost rewards. You can read more about it here!