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Chihuahua Chain is a useless meme coin on Cosmos.

Staking Information

automatic or manual
Reward Distribution Period
Every block
Unbonding Period
21 Days
Validator Self-Bond Requirement
0 HUAHUA, top validators with highest total stake (self-bond + delegation) are active set
Figment Validator Address
Recommended Wallet

Slashing Information

Double Signing

Staking Guide

See Staking Guide here
Chihuahua Chain ($HUAHUA) is the first dog coin in the cosmos ecosystem. Chihuahua Chain is its own PoS blockchain with governance, and IBC enabled.
Chihuahua Chain airdropped HUAHUA to OSMO and ATOM stakers. To claim the HUAHUA airdrop, head over to:
You can stake HUAHUA using the Keplr wallet. The Keplr wallet is non-custodial, and requires the user to keep track of their own mnemonic phrase, and password. To learn more about custody and best practices, check out our “What is Custody?” video.
If you are setting up a new Keplr wallet, ensure that you backup your mnemonic recovery phrase. If you lose the mnemonic recovery phrase, you will lose access to recovering your funds.

Ready to Stake? Here’s what you need to know:

Key Staking Considerations:

  • Rewards are distributed automatically every block
  • Tokens are locked during the staking period
  • A new delegation is required for compounding rewards

Step 1: Approve the Chihuahua Chain

Once you visit you will be prompted to connect to the chihuahua chain on Keplr.
Once connected, if your wallet is eligible for an airdrop, the HUAHUA tokens will automatically appear in your wallet.
If you are in need of HUAHUA tokens, they are available to swap on Osmosis Zone.

Step 2: Get the HUAHUA Tokens Ready!

If you are eligible for the HUAHUA airdrop, the tokens will automatically appear in your wallet.
Once your wallet is funded with HUAHUA, you should see an “Available Tokens” balance.
When you are ready to stake, click “Stake Tokens”

Step 3: Stake HUAHUA Tokens

Scroll until you find the “Figment” validator, enter the token amount you wish to stake, and press “Stake” to continue with the process.

Step 4: Confirm the Transaction

Figment Validator Address: chihuahuavaloper1hjct6q7npsspsg3dgvzk3sdf89spmlpfc9ramq
When promoted, confirm the transaction within the Keplr wallet.

Step 5: Complete!

Once the transaction is confirmed, congrats! You have successfully staked HUAHUA tokens to the Figment validator.

Step 6: Receive Rewards over time

Over time, you will receive rewards in the “Rewards” area. You can claim, and re-delegate these rewards if you wish.
Please reach out to [email protected] if you plan to stake more than 1 Million USD in HUAHUA tokens.

Governance Overview

Chihuahua uses delegated On-Chain Governance. Any HUAHUA holder can participate directly in Chihuahua governance via CLI.
Delegators inherit the vote of the validator they are delegated to unless the delegator actively submits a vote themselves, which overrides their inherited vote.