Cosmos SDK


Axelar is a permissionless network and gateway that enables dapp builders to build secure crosschain applications empowering blockchain ecosystems to unlock cross-chain communication. The Axelar protocol provides a uniform solution that’s designed to be interoperable with any chain.
Axelar is decentralized by design, and satisfies plug-and-play connectivity with almost no work to integrate a new chain. The Axelar stack includes both cross-chain routing and application-level transfer protocols.

Staking Information

Expected APR
Total Supply
1 Billion (at genesis)
Compounding Frequency
1 Block (~10 seconds)
Reward Distribution Period (Payout Frequency)
1 Block (~10 seconds)
Unbonding Period
7 days
Slashing Penalty
Double Signing comes with a 2% penalty and Downtime (total liveness for at least one day in every two day window) with 0.01%.
50% targeted
Figment Validator Address
Recommended Wallet

Staking Guide

Please reach out to [email protected] if you plan to stake more than 1 Million USD in AXL tokens.

Ecosystem Overview

Axelar enables users to interact with any asset, or application from any chain. For example, if you have assets on a Cosmos chain (ATOM), and you wish to move it over to ethereum to use on a dapp, Axlear enables you to move this asset in a wrapped fashion across networks, so that you can use it on Ethereum.
Generally speaking for Axelar use cases, Axlear will allow applications to compose across arbitrary chains, allowing interoperable transfers of assets, information, and more. If you need a certain set of data from Polkadot on an Ethereum dapp, The Axlear stack will allow you to pull this information from the Polkadot blockchain and seamlessly use it on Ethereum.