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Agoric is an ease-of-use Layer 1 protocol that focuses on composability in a Javascript working environment.
While most other protocols are built on less web-common languages, Agoric’s approach is to get more Web 2 developers into the Web 3 development space through increasing the usability of their platform. They intend to reach a state of “exponential composability” - where the ease of construction that Javascript provide will result in steady development, hopefully leading to a massive increase in development within the protocol.

Staking Information

Total Supply
Capped to 1.25B
Compounding Frequency
Every block (~10 seconds)
Reward Distribution Period (Payout Frequency)
Every block (~10 seconds)
Unbonding Period
21 Days
Slashing Penalty
Slashing on Equivocation & Double Signing and Downtime
Figment Validator Address
Recommended Wallet

Staking Guide

Please reach out to [email protected] if you plan to stake more than 1 Million USD in BLD tokens.

Ecosystem Overview

Agoric contains pre-built smart contract components and dapps for easy, fast, secure, and composable building. Agoric offers a library of reusable, composable components coded by experienced community members. By eliminating categories of complex security bugs, Agoric provides builders with a safer environment to quickly harden their contracts. „
Agoric allows you to be able to bring assets from the Cosmos and Ethereum networks directly to your project. Users can also easily access liquidity and DeFi services including treasury vaults, governance, and the Automated Market Maker. Agoric’s relationship with the Cosmos network will help the protocol’s internal economy grow as other projects enter the Agoric ecosystem to meet all their DeFi needs.
Agoric FAQs
What is protocol staking?
On a Proof of Stake blockchain, protocol staking is the act of depositing tokens in order to become a validator; that is, to participate in proposing and attesting to transaction blocks. Anyone with a minimum necessary coin balance can validate transactions and earn staking rewards on these blockchains.
What is the name of the asset being staked? BLD is the main protocol token and available to stake. Upon launch, rewards will be derived from new issuance of BLD and once the Inter Protocol launches transaction and protocol fees will be used as the principal source of rewards.
What is the BLD token used for?
To prioritize network security and scalability, BLD and IST serve different purposes: BLD is used for securing the Agoric network and participating in the network’s governance by voting on important proposals IST is a stable token used to execute on-chain and cross-chain services, such as covering gas fees or implementing smart contracts.
Where can I explore the network and create an Agoric wallet?
Explorer: Wallet:
How long does it take to stake and unstake?
Tokens are locked during the staking period. The unbonding period lasts 21 days.
What are the asset(s) that I earn for staking?
BLD holders can delegate their stake to the voting validator set in order to receive staking rewards. Validators in the voting set earn rewards for running and securing the chain. Delegations can be made to multiple validators.
Staking are enabled on the Agoric network as of 6/29/22 Inflation is set at 5% as of 6/29/22
When will BLD list on exchanges?
We don’t know it yet. Once publicly available, the information will be shared on socials and community channels.
When will staking rewards turn on?
Staking is enabled on the Agoric network as of 6/29/22 Inflation is set at 5% as of 6/29/22
How will staking income be disbursed?
Once staking functionalities will be enabled, BLD holders will have the possibility to stake their tokens and receive additional rewards in the form of newly issued tokens or share of the rewards generated by on-chain economic activities. Staking rewards are earned in BLD.
Can my staked BLD be slashed (seized or destroyed)?
If a slashing event occurs a portion of staked BLD can be slashed. There are two ways this can happen: In case of double signing, both validators and delegators will be slashed by 5% on all stakes In case of downtime, both validators and delegators will be slashed by 0.01% on all stakes
Figment has never had a slashing event. We furthermore protect our clients’ investments through on-chain and off-chain staking coverage, learn more here.
Do I maintain custody of my BLD tokens? Who or what controls my staked token?
Yes, you always maintain custody of your BLD tokens, although tokens will be locked within the protocol throughout the unbonding time. Figment has partnerships with a number of top-in-class custodians: For inquiries, please contact [email protected]
How are decisions about Agoric made and executed?
Decisions are made through on-chain governance. Any BLD holders with enough stake can submit and vote proposal using The Agoric community uses Commonwealth as a general forum for open discussion and conversations.
What is the total supply of the BDL token?
The total supply of BLD tokens includes: an initial token distribution of 1,000,000,000 BLD an expected token supply for BLD staking rewards of 1,250,000,000